Am I eligible to participate?
If you are a Cornell student, you're eligible! This includes all undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students.

When are the sermons presented?
Tuesdays: February 5, 12, 19 March 5, 7, 12 from 4:30-6:15pm.

Where are the sermons presented?
Founders Room, Anabel Taylor Hall. The Founders Room is just inside Anabel Taylor, to the right.

How long should my sermon be?
Your sermon should be 12 to 18 minutes, approximately 6-8 pages of double-spaced, written text is a good benchmark.

What will the judges look for?
Content is key! Judges will look for sermons that integrate the following elements:

A.  The sermons should include a scriptural source including but not limited to those provided.

B.  Sermons should include a few words on Harold I. Saperstein '31 specifically his views on social justice, fairness and individual responsibility.

C.  Sermons should point to the macroeconomic issues of today. What political decisions and actions are needed to reshape our economy to create a more just society for everyone.

D. Sermons should include some of the accomplishments of esteemed honoree Uri Meir Possen.

E. Sermons reflect on the historical writings of Leonard Silk, New York Times Economist.

How do I sign up to participate?

Select your first and second choice date.

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