Awards gala

This year's Awards Gala will take place Tuesday, March 20 at tbd....

A reception will follow with a special guest speaker. The event will conclude by 8:00pm. 

All contest participants will receive an invitation to the Awards Gala. 

Keynote Speaker


more info. coming!

Previous Awards and Honorees

 The 2014 Gala Dinner

The 2014 Gala Dinner

2014: in tribute to Hon. Raymond ("Ray") Reisler '27

Grand Prize: Kirat Singh, A&S '14

2nd Place: Joshua Polevoy, ILR ’14

3rd Place: Christine Yu, ILR ’14

Invited Speakers: 

  • Rabbi David Saperstein ‘67, Director, Religious Action Center Reform Judaism
    & son of Harold I. Saperstein ‘31

  • Brian Earle ‘67, Professor Emeritus, Communication CALS

  • Andrew Ahitow, Supreme Prior, Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity
  • Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben, CHC, USM
    Chief Chaplain of US Marine Corps. and the first female chaplain to hold this post.

  • Alan H. Nichols, JD, DS, President of the Explorers Club
    A noted explorer in Tibet, China and the world’s sacred mountains, Mr. Nichols spoke on the theme of “Justice in Exploration”.

  • Hon. Katrina Lantos-Swett, Vice Chair of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, as well as the Founder and President of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice. Dr. Lantos-Swett spoke about religious freedom.
  • Dr. Tevi Troy, ‘89, A top Washington insider and Presidential historian, Dr. Tevi Troy ‘89 elaborated on a recent Wall Street Journal article, showing how Abraham Lincoln’s diligent reading of the bible informed the Gettysburg Address.
  • Dr. Raymond Reisler ‘68, MA ‘70, Ed.D
    Son of Ray Reisler ‘27 & former Executive Director of the S. Mark Taper Foundation

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2013: in tribute to Hon. Sol M. Linowitz, J.D. '38

Grand Prize: Darrick Evensen, PhDc

Darrick Evensen's winning sermon applied halakhic inspiration to the contemporary hydraulic fracturing controversy.

Invited Speaker: David Schribman

Executive Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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2012: in tribute to Milton R. Konvitz

Read full coverage in the The Jewish Week.

Grand Prize: Sarah Victor (ILR '13)

Sarah Victor's winning sermon related the dedication of America's founders to the biblical heroine Esther, seamlessly integrating contest themes.

Invited Speaker: Dr. Alfred C. Snider

Dr. Snider spoke about sermons as an example of replacing weapons with words.

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2011: in tribute to Harold I. Saperstein '31

Grand Prize: Matthew Scheff (ENG '12)

Matthew Scheff delivered his sermon on the concept of love in holy scripture and the Jewish tradition, centered on a reading from Shir Hashirim, also known as Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon.

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