Sermons breathe life into the word and the world—
providing a “Bully Pulpit” to speak on today’s most important and critical issues.

Drawing on scriptural sources, they apply timeless wisdom to today’s challenges and problems. For decades, Harold I. Saperstein ’31’s sermons stirred people from the pulpit.

This year’s contest honors that tradition,

Students should prepare and deliver a sermon of twelve to eighteen minutes (6-8 written pages) using the following guidelines:
All Sermons presented for the Contest will be video recorded.  After being used by the judges in their deliberations, the videos will be placed in the Cornell Archives.

A.  The sermons should include a scriptural source including but not limited to those provided on the scriptural sources page. .

B.  Sermons should include a few words on Harold I. Saperstein '31 specifically his views on social justice, fairness and individual responsibility.

C.  Sermons should point to the macroeconomic issues of today. What political decisions and actions are needed to reshape our economy to create a more just society for everyone.

D.  Sermons should include some of the accomplishments of our honoree, Uri Meir Possen.

The contest winner will give their winning sermon at the Gala, so they should bring all the material they need to give the sermon to the Gala.  The winner will not know who they are until the public announcement at the Gala, so all contestants should be prepare to give their sermon.

Content is Key!

Judges will reward sermons that distinguish themselves with their creativity, originality, and relevance. They will consider presentation style as a secondary factor.