The 7th Annual Harold I. Saperstein '31 Cornell Student Topical Sermon Contest challenges you to:
Address Women's Issues of Today

Drawing on timeless scriptural wisdom and an unsung heroine of Cornell, Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook `1908, Phi Beta Kappa, Suffragist, and winner of the Woodford Prize in Oratory.  Read her prize winning oration here.

E. E. Cook's alumni folder is on hold in the archives for your perusal, please ask to see the files on hold for Sara Beth Canaday.
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The online Daily Sun has multiple mentions of our honoree.  When searching, please consider all possible combinations of her name: Elizabeth Cook, Elizabeth E Cook, Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook.

Our Questions

Are we able today, to reach the goal of Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook to "break down the useless distinctions which exist between men and women and develop together the wide range of common human interest between the two sexes?"
And how should we organize the roles of work and gender in our society, being mindful of raising our children and caring for our parents?
*You may wish to consider these areas: Women’s impact on the World.

  • Women’s equality gap as a tax on opportunity.
  • Are we closing the gender gap?
  • What are the challenges ahead for women in business today?
  • How can women adapt into a collaboration model of leadership?
  • Has the "glass ceiling" been shattered convincingly?
  • The impact of a female leader.
  • The pay divides in American business.
  • Crossing gender barriers.
  • Why are there more law degrees for women, but fewer good jobs?
  • Gender equality and women's empowerment.
  • More women are winning CEO jobs.
  • Do flexible working hours play a role?

Your answers

Present a sermon.  Your "Bully Pulpit" to speak on today's most important and cultural issues!

Make It Happen!


Harold I. Saperstein '31

A prominent rabbi and advocate for social justice whose sermons stirred people from the pulpit for over fifty years. 

Cornell students will carry on that tradition this year, Tuesdays in the Founders Room of Anabel Taylor Hall from 4:30-6:15 pm.


Scriptural Sources: Select passages from the Hebrew Bible.

Esteemed Alumnus: Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook `1908, an unsung heroine of Cornell.

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